4D Quantities

4D Quantities

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General Quantities

ArchiCAD is the perfect platform to extract advanced quantities for scheduling and estimating. For over a decade the 4D Library has helped many offices extract quantities from their ArchiCAD models. Currently quantities are exported to an XML file that can be imported directly in ‘Databuild’ or Excel, but this can be modified to work with other systems

So whats possible? (Almost anything!)

  • Full brickwork quantities – including extra over labour, different bricks required for different heights
  • Lintels and all associated items
  • Stick framing using the 4D Library Roofing suit of tools
  • Sheet roofing using the specialised sheet roofing tools
  • Concrete
  • Plastering – Internal and External
  • Ceilings
  • Doors and door furniture
  • Electrical items
  • Painting
  • Miscellaneous items can then be measured using special 4D Library tools: For example:
    • Plaster beads
    • Reinforcing re-entry bars

It is amazing how much data can be extracted from the ArchiCAD model. It is also amazing that hardly any offices use this data. Contact Ben at the 4D library to discuss your options

Roof Framing

Here are some screen shots of the 4D Library 3D Roof Frame, cutting list and framing overlay.

It’s worth noting that the roof framing part of the system is very automated. Select all the roof planes, select the 4D Roofing tool and apply. You then get instant Rafters, Hips, Valleys, valley boards,  under purlins, fascia with external and internal joiners BANG!.. in one hit. They are all linked to the geometry of the roof, so if the roof plane changes, the framing updates.

Even better, you can get your Draftees to apply the roof accessories (for drafting and modelling requirements)  and have your schedulers finish off and create the cutting list

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