15.1 – Fixtures Plumbing

Bath Corner 4D

General Notes: Fully parametric corner bath, includes Taps, Plug tiles and hob.

Advanced Functions:  Adjustable step position.  Taps can be placed on any side then moved to desired location.  Custom 2d Components can be added for complete control over plan representations.

Also new tap options – improved hob editing

Bath Freestanding 4D

General Notes: Modern freestanding Bath

Freestanding bath 4D
Freestanding Bath 4D

Bath Oval 4D (use Bath 4D)

General Notes: Parametric Oval bath, as per other baths

Advanced Functions: Ajustable tap postion, waste postion, tiling height etc as per other bath object


Baths 4D

External Tap 4D

General Notes: External garden tap. Has three different plan representations,

Advanced Functions: Now with and improved 3D appearance


Free Form Shower

We now have the ultimate shower. It can quickly and easily create the easiest shape to the hardest. All with an easy to use interface and hotspot editing

Create 3 sides glazed showers


Hexagonal Showers are becoming very popular
Freeform Shower 1
Complex low walls and the like. Yes, this is one part.
Cut aways for windows in the tiling. Full control over glass position on hobs

Freestanding Bath 4D

General Notes: Modern freestanding Bath

Freestanding bath 4D
Freestanding Bath 4D

Kitchen Round Sink 4D

Kitchen Sink 4D

General Notes: Parametric sink – with adjustable bowl sizes

Advanced Functions: Clever dashed line shown in elevation to view bowl position in front of cupboards.

Plan text option.


Laundry Tub 4D

General Notes: Laundry tub with 3d dashed washing machine.

Advanced Functions: Will do basic trough and washing machine setups

Laundry tub 4D

Moulded Shower Base 4D

Multi Shower 4D

General Description: Powerful object that will do 99% of your standard shower setups, all in one part. The shower pictured has a low wall (the wall is a part of the object) so a vanity unit can be placed against it. This shower will do recess shapes, corner showers, showers with a bath to one side and the screen sitting on the bath hob . This is one of our most popular objects.

Unique Qualities: Options to add multiple shower heads, with many tap and rose combinations including handheld taps. There are also options for fully framed,semi-frameless and full frameless screens as well as a simple curtain rod. Tap and rose positions are hotspot editable, height length and width all completely adjustable, screen length and position on hob adjustable as well as pivot door and sliding door options.

Multi Shower 4D
Multi Shower 4D


Shower Screen 4D Macro

General Notes: Shower Screen 4D used in shower, can be placed individually

Sink Drainers 4D

Taps and Spouts 4D

Toilet 4D

General Notes: Parametric Toilet with plumbing setout options.

Advanced Functions: The ability to show the plumbing pipes

Toilet 4D
Toilet 4D

Valet Basin 4D

General Notes: Slim vanity, with shroud options

Advanced Functions: Ajustable mirror as per stand alone mirror, new modern p-trap options.

Valet Basin 4D
Valet Basin 4D

Vanity Bowel 4D

General Notes: Parametric Vanity Bowl, completely stretchy with square, round cylinder and cone shapes available

Advanced Functions:  Two types P-Trap’s can be added. Many different taps available, bench and wall mixers or spouts and pillar taps. Tap position is fully adjustable.  Text can be attached to 2d Symbol.


Wall Tiles 4D

General Notes: This is a new system for creating wall tiling. Simple click the points around your room in a clockwise direction, choose the side for tiling then edit the tiles around windows and doors, adding reveals as you require

Advanced Functions: Textures can be set manually or you can apply your own symbolic fill the move the origin of the tiling fill to any point


Washing Machine taps 4D