8.1 – Roof Plumbing

Downpipe 4D

Downpipe Stepping over pier
Downpipe stepping over pier

We have created the worlds best down-pipe. With fantastic features that allow the user to shape the downpipe around any obstruction. This simple and easy to use tool is surprisingly powerful.

Fascia and Gutter

General Notes: Standard WA fascia with many options for gutter type, fascia type and eave lining type.

E-vent 4D

Rainwater Head

General Notes: Stretchy Rainwater head as commonly used through out Australia.


Soak Wells

Rainwater Tanks

Soak Well System

This fantastic part takes the grunt work out of soak-well calculations and placement. Simply add in the roof and/or paving area and then specify the type and number of soak-wells you want to use. Then place the optional table of soak-wells and move the soak-wells around your site as needed.