17.1 – 2D Detailing

2d Bolt 4D

Extremely functional part. With options for side and top views, Coach, DynaBolt, Nylon Anchors or and Engineers bolt. The nuts and washers can be removed, plus cross hair lines added to show centre points.

Brick Detail Tool 4D

Cladding and Flooring 4D

Stretch your flooring, decking or cladding across you detail for instant flooring details. Fully adjustable width and length. The gap between boards is also parametric.

Concrete Section Nib 4D

Cornice Detail 4D

Add cornices to your details easily. Again all parameters are adjustable, with all the common cornice profiles available such as Classic, Jazz, Symphony, Concerto and more. Plus the standard 90, 75 and 55 Coved cornice.

Detail Break

General Notes: Parametric detail break.

Advanced Functions: Hotspot editable break size


Furring Channels 4D

Create cladding on any angle and shape using the Curtain Wall tool, and easily add standard furring channels. Great for Scyon type claddings with express joints. As per the new Example project above. Favourites have been created for easy setup.

4D Library 2021
Furring Channels

Lintel Detail 4D

2d Lintel Part. Place both internal and external lintels at the same time. All the standard lintel sizes available from a drop down list. Will do T_bar lintels as well as standard.


Mouldings Detail 4D

Great part for adding scotia or quad, fully parametric and stretchy.

Nail Bullet Head

Nail Flat Head

Nut 4D

Plate Stamp 4D

General Notes: Useful plate stamp that can be used in sections and details. Size and pens completely parametric

Advanced Functions: Now has the ability to replicate by simply setting the “spacings” parameter and then stretching the editable hotspot


Post Shoe 4D


Shows blade, U-Style and L style post to shoe connections. Then simple bars, plate, reo or starter bars to the footing connection.


This part will also show a 2d Footing if required. The view type can be either side for front.

Roof Covering 4D

Highly detailed roof tile or roof sheet part, complete with battens. Stretches to suit required size, adding more tiles as needed. Has many of the common roof tiles profiles such as Marsielle, Vienna, Roman, Swiss or a shingle type tile. The profile can be viewed from the side or the front.

Screw 4D

Z and C Sections 4D