6.1 – Accessories – Concrete & Masonry

Brick CoursingTool 4D

Decking 4D 

A new fast decking tool. Model up timber decking complete with framing and individual deck boards (if desired) in just a few clicks

4D Library 21

Footing 4D

Waffle Slab 4D

A dedicated tool to instantly create waffle slabs. Complete with footings – ribs and pods. Every edge is adjustable and the setout of the pods easily modified to suit engineering. Up to 17 different edge types can be created. The means the one favourite can potentially allow for every scenario that your office could create. In the screen shots below, note that the foam insulation is actually part of the tool. You just model the slab portion and the complete waffle is created underneath.

4D Library 2021

4D Library 2021

4D Library 2021

Wall Cladding 4D

All sorts of claddings can be easily applied to composite walls. Custom orb, hex rib, even custom profiles, weatherboards, sheeting with express joints – anything Vertically or Horizontally.

Download the Help File (PDF) of the new Wall Claddings 4D here  A005-WALL-CLADDINGS.pdf (1144 downloads)

4D Library 22

All the claddings on the above project have been done using the ‘Wall Claddings 4D’. The vertically aligned wall sheets, the express jointed panels to the lower right, the small weatherboards, the custom vertical timber panels (Using custom profiles) and the weird screen with the elliptical openings