13.1 – Appliances

Dishwasher Recess 4D

General Notes: Simple dishwasher recess  – with visible dashed dishwasher.

Advanced Functions: Advance options for floor plan display


Hotplate 4D

General Notes: Parametric hotplate with fully adjustable burner positions – highly detailed 3d representation

Advanced Functions: Comlete with variable number of burners, burners can be gas, electric or induction.

Additional burner options, improved interface.


Microwave Oven 4D

General Notes: Simple microwave oven – fully parametric sizes.


Oven 4D

Rangehood Canopy 4D

General Notes: Parametric Rangehood – Glass or Stainless Steel.

Advanced Functions: Adjustable flue position and plan text. GPO display if required for electrical plans.


Stove 4D

General Notes: Freestanding stove – highly detailed 3D.

Advanced Functions: All trivets and burners can be adjustedto show from 4 to six burners, also with central fish burner options. Grill above oven option, Warmer below oven option.


Underbench Oven 4D

General NotesFully adjustable underbench oven.

Advanced Functions: Drawer under oven option, adjustable position of knobs and door. Made to work with all the other 4D Library parts