5.1 – Stairs

Handrail connector 4D

Allows for the connection of vertical sections between balustrades

Use the handrail connector to join two balustrades when they are at extreme height differences. Very easy to use with angle and length editing via 3D hotspots

Shoe Connection 4D

The only way to get the new railing tool to create common balustrade types. This tool creates a parameter ‘Shoe’ for glass balustrade as well as setup’s for offset hand railing with button connections on the panels.

4D Library 21

Stair Winder 4D

General Notes: Parametric stair winder – step.

Advanced Functions: Auto numbers as the step is raised, can be used to create complete staircases.

Stair Winder 11 4D

Staircase 4D Redundant

Staircase 4D

General Notes: Full parametric staircase that will do standard Australian style staircases. Full range of balustrade available as per manufacturers range. Stairs can have 2 and 3 step winders as well as landings, or any combination of the three.

Advanced Functions: Now with a complete interface for far easier creation of stairs. (See images below)


StairTread 4D

A new stair tread that allows for ‘button’ style connections to the edge of the tread

4D Library 21