10.1 – Wall trims

Awning 4D

So much work done on the Awning object that its basically a new tool. Much improved, flexible awning with the ability to stretch around corners and return beams as required. 

Awning 4D
Fantastic options allow for many shapes.
Awning 4D UI
Interface makes setup easy

Cavity Stiffener

Column Caps 4D

Parametric Column Caps

Dado Surrounds 4D

General Notes: Creates many types of pre-fab “Stick on” window surrounds.

Groove Cutter 4D

Handy tool that speeds up the creation and setout of grooves to represent panelling, tiltup panels and the like. Creates a grid of bars  (can be tapered) to be used for a Solid Element Operation – then the layer hidden

Groove cutter 3
Set out the grooves by spacing
Groove cutter 2
Set out grooves individually
Groove cutter 1
Grooves can easily follow curved walls

Returned End 13

Wall End Patch

Window Treatment 4D