18.1 – Zones & Labels & Markers

3dE Label dor 80e

3dE Label Win 80e

4D Course Height Label

4D Drawing title 02

D4 Drawing Title

4D Interior Elevation Marker

4D Label Maker v2

Allowing for multiple text styles, frames around blocks of text in each label, superscript text for creating m2 style texts.., improved favourite handling and much more. The label below is attached to a window and is displaying some of the new features.

Update is available

4D Opening ID Label

General Notes: Associative label that can show opening ID and opening Number.   Essential for advanced 4D door and window schedules


4D Opening Size Label

4D Section Marker

Checking Label 4D

IE Marker 1 4D

IE Marker 1 4D2

Internal Elevation 4D

General Notes: Elevation marker for floor plan allowing for Australian standard representation.

Linear Drawing Title 4D

SchedDataExp 4D

Section Marker 4D

Z Stamp 3de 11 No Data Export

Zone Stamp 4D 02

Zone Stamp 4D

General Notes: Advanced zone stamp that can show multi-line names, ceiling heights to brick coursing and has a pull out list of standard room names.

Advanced Functions:has the ability to show room sizes with editable hotspots.