12.3 – Compound Cabinets

Cupboard Assembly 4D


A new system for creating cupboards. Where the user places one library part for the complete kitchen cabinet. This is basically the Doors, Drawers, Dishwasher recess, Microwave recess, Underbench oven, hotplate, kitchen sink and laminated top from the 4D Library – ALL ROLLED INTO ONE. With a break-through interface that makes all this as easy as possible. The above screen shot shows two library parts. The Cupboard Assembly (Microwave recess, Drawers, UBO, hotplate, doors, sink) and the Overhead Cupboard Assembly (With the rangehood and top hung cabinets) This has proved very popular with the beta testers

Here is an example page of the interface (1 of 20 pages)


Corner entire cabinets – internally or externally or at any angle. The resulting cabinet work can be either mitred, or end panels set to either side. Note: The kitchen below has been modelled using only 3 Cupboard assembly parts.

4D Library 2021
This entire kitchen created with 3 Library parts – Oven, rangehood, sink and laminated panelling included

This video gives a quick demonstration of the new features.

Cupboard Stack 4D

Fantastic new cabinet that will create those tricky on bench appliance cupboards that are hard to model in ArchiCAD. The part can have up to 4 different cupboard types stacked on top of each other. Each one can be either a wine rack, appliance cupboard, overhead cupboard, and emply shelf or a base style cabinet.

Fridge 4D

General Notes: Parametric fridge set in cupboard with side panels.

Advanced Functions: Option to have a cupboard with adjustable doors over the fridge. Fridge/Freezer options. Fridge/Freezer can be shown as a dashed box.


Laminated Oven Stack 4D

General Notes: Laminated wall oven stack with many options.

Advanced Functions: 4 adjustable sections each with 6 options, pot drawers, cupboard with doors, oven, shelves, wine rack and empty. All levels have many adjustable parameters like number of pot drawers, number of shelves, size of oven and postion of knobs.

Oven stack interface

Oven Hotplate Rangehood 4D

A new vertically stacked library part that combines a Stove or Underbench Oven with a hotplate and a rangehood cupboard or a rangehood cabinet. Having a single object for these items makes selection and editing far easier. Together with the new text enhancements, full hotspot editing and attention to detail, this new part will almost certainly find it way into most of your projects. 

Overhead Cupboard Assembly 4D

Robe Assembly 4D

The new robe assembly easily creates shelving and robe layouts with the minimum off fuss. With a fantastic interface that allows you to quickly add and subtract sections – edit the floor plan text, select and section and edit its essentitial settings all from the same page. Of course you can dig deeper in the other pages to adjust all manner of settings.

The robe assemble will do shelving, hanging rails with shelves, hanging rails only, door and drawers and wire baskets. It also support individual base kick boards, no kick boards or a full length base. Perfect for our local construction needs. 

12.3 - Compound Cabinets
12.3 - Compound Cabinets