Beyond the Box…

4D Library v25 is now shipping - SEE HERE

The 4D library is a massive suite of tools, enabling architects and builders in the Australian market to fully leverage the power of their Graphisoft ArchiCAD investment. The 4D library continues to focus on ease of use, powerful features, reliability and client support..

A few key features (See menus above for more)

Ridge Ends 2


The most under-rated tool in ArchiCAD. Single click roof accessories. Gutters, fascias, ridge caps and full gables ends, 3D Roof Cladding as well as profiled sheets and fascia/gutters that link to the roof geometry and change as the roof changes

Plus wall claddings, slab footings and cornices.

Then set to brick sizes

Smart Parts

Many parts have specific and intelligent functions. Like the brick setout tool. Either check your wall lengths work to brick sizes or setout your perimeter and magic wand your walls in. Either way, the tool with highlight which walls are not working to brick lengths. Supports both 1c and 2c brick sizes (230mm or 290mm format)

Architrave Elevation 3

Doors and Windows

Flexible doors and windows that are made for Australians. Designed to be  easy to use and quickly configurable

profile selection UI


We love profiles.!! Profiled walls, beams and columns are some of the most powerful features in ArchiCAD.

With the 4D Library you can

  • Profiled Gutters. Automatically create custom profiled gutters/fascias
  • Profiled Roof Sheets. Apply your own roof sheet profile to a roof plane - automatically
  • Profiled Wall Sheets. Apply the same profiled roof sheet to a wall using the powerful new Wall Claddings Tool
  • Profile Architrave. Now the shape of your Architrave is limitless. Shows perfectly in plan view too!
Standard Arial


The 4D Library has been developed for more than 15 years in a large BIM only environment. With the emphasis on speed and accuracy from day one. The 4D Library is focused on documentation, but looks great in any presentations


Eye Opening Parts

The iOpening window/door has been in the 4D Library since version 13. There is still nothing like it in the market. Create polygon shaped windows and doors of any shape... curved edges and all. See here for details


Here's Why it Make Sense

Made for Australia

The 4D library has been developed purely for the Australian market. We are laser focused on what Australian ArchiCAD users need.

A Complete Solution

The 4D Library has tools and objects that can be used in every area of your project, with over 160 major parametric objects.

Feature Rich

Feature like, BCA energy export, instant graphic scheduling, snapping to brick and block sizes to name a few.

A Bit of Background

The 4D library is a premium product, tailored specifically for the Australian market. Therefore the parts have been constructed first and foremost with local conditions and standards in mind. Take for example windows and doors. Feature like, NCC Light and Vent Calculations, electrical symbols that calculate wattage and insulation penetrations, instant graphic scheduling, snapping to brick and block sizes in height and width, amazing flexibility using the iOpening and now doors that show access and egress clearances..... But this is just scratching the surface

The 4D Library has tools and objects that can be used in every area of your project, with well over 160 major parametric objects, most firms find they rarely need to go outside the 4D Library for their documentation. Having said all that we are constantly updating, improving and adding to the library. So please keep your ideas, feature requests and input coming in.

The 4D Library is the perfect addition to your BIM tool kit. We plan to keep the Library going from strength to strength as ArchiCAD itself continues its fantastic growth in the Australian market.

For more General information, go to the general features page Library Benefits