17.5 – Standard Notes

Universal Notes 4D

This tool enables your office to have consistent but easily updated notes spread amongst all your files. All while having flexible font and text box settings. Its similar to linking your standard notes to a module, but without all the restrictions a module creates. A similar part was developed for my old work place years ago, but this new and improved version is ready for the big time.

Each universal note is linked to text file that can be either loaded with the library or located in a fixed position on your network. Different universal notes are available for Floorplan, elevations, layouts and site plans. But because the linked text file is easily changed, you can create universal notes for any type of document.

An example of the Universal notes usage. The below screen shot contains a line ‘REFER TO ADDENDA FOR ALL INTERNAL WALL FINISHES’. But perhaps your office next year decides to replace the word ‘ADDENDA’ with ‘CONTRACT DOCUMENTS’. Simple edit the linked text file and every project with that note will automatically be updated. !!

4D Library 2021
File linking and general setup

4D Library 2021
Choose your required note
4D Library 2021

Standard Notes 4D

General Notes: Great little part that makes it easy to enforce your company standards to any notes. Set up to forty separate “Standard” notes in the object and then the user can simply check the tick box for each of the notes that they want. Different sets of notes can easily be set as favorites.

Advanced Functions: 3 Different bullet options, The border has a dropped shadow option. Information can also be automatically added from the ArchiCAD “Project Info”, simply by add <Brackets> around the “Name”