17.3 – 2D Symbols

Brickwork Dim Aid

Car Reversing Bay

Centre Symbol 4D

Check List 4D

Counting Shapes 4D

General Notes: Simple part that can be placed around the project to count items.

Dimension Line 4D

General Notes: Dimensioning object that can be saved as a favourite and used to enforce office standard dimensioning

Fall and Slope Symbol 4D

Gradient Calculator 4D

ID Counter 4D

Label Object

General Notes: Special 4D associative label.

Advanced Functions: Label used to automatically label any 4D Library part logically, eg. Label that displays the number of drawers when labelling the vanity unit.

Number Line 4D

Room Names 4D

General Notes: Very popular part that can be placed under a dimension string to show the room name. The room name can be set as the “Zone name” through dragging a hotspot onto the zone,  by selecting room names from a pull out list of common names or by simply typing a custom name.

Advanced Functions: Room names can be moved laterally so as two names can be butted together to form strings of names. eg KITCHEN/DINING/LIVING.


Room Size Tool 4D

Using the polyline accessory and the magic wand, instantly create re-positional room names and instantly calculated room sizes!

In this video I am using a keyboard shortcut to get to the polyline accessory.

Shadow Box 4D

General Notes: Stretchy shadow box

Step Footing Symbol 4D

Stud Wall Detail 4D

Title and Scale Marker 4D

Trade Notes Marco 4D

Truss Detailer 4D