6.2 – Accessories – Roof & Ceiling

4D Roofing

This roof accessory allows you to create instant gutters, barge boards, ridge caps and full gable ends instantly. It will also create a very good roof plan. (Note that the roof framing tools are sold separately)

Cornice – Raking 4D

Cool new part that allows for easy cornice placement around a room with raking ceilings. This removes the need to painstakingly run profiled beams around the job.

Cornice 4D


General Notes: The 4D cornice tool is an extremely quick method of creating cornice for every room in your project. Simple magic wand a ‘Plaster Board’ slab in each room, select all the slabs and attached the cornice via the slab accessories. Individual sections of cornice can then be removed as required and the end mitres adjusted accordingly. This is an extremely useful and popular tool in the 4D Tool kit

Advanced Functions: The cornice is completely parametric with the ability to change into many standard Australian cornice profiles as well as use Custom Components, allowing for any profile to be used as the cornice. Also once the 4D cornice is easily attached to the slab representing your plasterboard it will extend and move with the plasterboard slab.

Individual Cornice 4D