7.1 – Roof

Barge and Scribe 4D

General Notes: Parametric Barge board with scribe.

Bullnose Verandah 4D

Hotspot editable bullnose verandah with beams with fascia, posts, sheets and hockey sticks.

Both ends can be mitred to create hips and valleys. Parametric spacing of hockey stick rafters and posts etc etc. The bullnose images below are created with the one object. Decking is done with the 4D Decking accessory- which creates the board trim, framing and decking at the angle

  • New Interface and 3d Corrugated Roof Sheeting.

Create far more realistic bullnose sheeting. With a new, easy to use interface, the Bullnose Veranda Object has never been better.

Corrugated Sheet 4D

Used for free standing wall claddings, that would be impossible to model otherwise


Cranked Steel 4D

Easy to use Cranked Steel object

Finial 4D

General Notes: Finial with many styles.

Frieze 4D

Simple object that creates a fully parametric traditional veranda frieze with the ability to curve the bottom section.

Gable Panel Louvres

Multi Gable 4D

 Highly parametric gable end, capable of thousands of different gables.  Very popular library part.

Insert into your ArchiCAD model by simply using gravity to the apex of your roof. Highly parametric functions with adjustable everything via hotspots. Should do most of your ‘standard’ gable ends.

Multi Post 4D

PFC Beam 4D

Tapered rafter 4D

UB Beam 4D

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