Library Info

The 4D Library offers the following  benefits:

  • Focus on documentation, so that the transition from design model to documentation model is easier and more efficient than using standard ArchiCAD libraries, leading to increased productivity (and fewer headaches). The 4D Library has been created by Architectural Documenters, focusing on the documents not just the ‘Pretty 3D’. This means there are many more options for getting the model ‘just right’
  • The 4D Library contains well over 160 high quality parametric library parts. Many of which would be selling for $100 + from an online store
  • Full suite of highly parametric Doors and Windows. Almost any shape, or configuration is possible
  • A full suite of cabinetry and plumbing objects. Quickly and easily model your wet areas and kitchens etc using these highly parametric parts
  • Site tools that aid in the calculation of site averaging, slab setouts, building envelope display, site coverage calculations and more.

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  • Roof accessory tool instant for gutters, ridge caps and FULL gable ends.
  • Slab accessory tools for automatically generated footings, thickenings and buildups, variable on each edge. Now includes the ability to create waffle slabs

  • Many other 3rd Party tools will no longer be required
  • In many instances, 4D library objects promote simpler work methods, more options and the elimination of many “workarounds” that may otherwise be required with standard library objects.
  • Many 4D library objects contain automated documentation notes which are globally controlled by model view option settings, scale sensitivity and/or individual switching. Many offices find the automatic notes generated in the library parts are all they need
  • All 4D library objects are capable of reflecting localised drafting and building standards
  • The Library is set out in a logical and easy to navigate Folder list, to avoid endless searching for basic components
  • Built in graphical, architectural scheduling capabilities, with automatic dimensioning (for doors & windows)  [download#13]
  • Please vist the “New Features’ pages from the menu above. Here you can see many of the available library parts.