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The 4D Library has been updated with a completely re-built 4D Roofing tool. This amazing new tool we allow you to easily create the most complext roof shapes, with easy to edit roof edges, new roof cover types and an all new interface. Almost every part of this important tool has been updated.


Versions 24 to 27 have been updated. Library and the 4D Tools.

So update both!


18-7-2024 - Update 4D Roofing OLD - spandrels showing always

19-7-2024 - Updated DW recess - Tap text - update interface buttons  and defaults changed

24-7-2024 Added additional pens to roof accessories

For the Int Goodies - go to the help menu in ArchiCAD -> Downloads

ArchiCAD 27 Library Downloads r4

Note: 2 Downloads

The 4D Library r4
The Mac or PC Installer

New Features As at July 2024

  • Rebuild 4D Roofing. See PDF help for all the new stuff
  • Many smaller improvements for various clients
  • New installer with more reliable upgrading function

New Features As at Oct 2023

  • Door Circulation Spaces rebuilt with fills now available on both sides of the door and adjustable appearance in the Model View Options
  • Rainwater Tank upgrade with interface, new tank options and 3D Corrugations option
  • Storey Level line with more updates and complete UI rebuild
  • Back rest for the Grab Rail

New features As at Aug 5 2023

  • WC part upgraded to have 3 extra WC styles using popular toilet shapes
    New interface for far easier use
  • New two new window sill options
  • Updates to the Storey Level Single Line object (Previously called basic)
    Link a single storey line to a storey in section and elevation. Improved interface. I think this is the best option for story lines - because of the flexibility.
  • Roof 4D - Improved box gutter to spandrel setup.
  • Much improved Skylight and Extra opening handling in the Air Movement Schedule
  • Many small bug fixes.

All new features - As of June 21 2023

  1. New "Grab Rail 4D" tool. Create almost any standard or non standard grab rail quickly
  2. Upgrades to the shower object, allowing for grab rail / shower rail combinations
  3. UI picture upgrade for easier selection of bowls and taps
  4. Recessed vanity bowls and pre-made custom component 'Care' style vanity bowls
  5. Shelving Part upgrade with new angled shelf and railing options
  6. Adjustable Z and C purlins locations in Roofing 4D
  7. Ability to change background colour on text box objects
  8. New 'fully adjustable' free standing bath option
  9. Soakwells can now display size on plan
  10. Sea level added to Storey Level Object and Elevation part
  11. Three track option for sliding door

See here for more details

Included in this update

Areas Tools Update

The fantastic new Area tool is now available for all versions from 24 and above. Be sure to read through the new help files for instructions

The download links are below - Note the older version of the 4D Library without the Areas tool are available from the downloads page. Link is at the bottom. Use these libraries only for compatibility with existing installations

If you update to the new version of the 4D Library, make sure all users are updated and the old libraries are not loaded again.

  • Note: The 4D Library is now activated online. Use the Company ID that has been emailed to you. The “company ID” can activate any of the below versions of the 4D Library. Use the PDF instructions linked below if you're having trouble
  • To make good use of the 4D Library you will need to install the Graphisoft Accessories Goodies add-on : required for Roofing, Balustrading, Wall Claddings, Cornices and Footings tools. Note:
  • Install the accessories before you update your ArchiCAD to the latest hotfix. If you have already updated your ArchiCAD – then run the hotfix again to update the accessories. (If a hotfix is available). Accessories download links are provided below
  • The 4D Library has been set to use the international pen set. This now universally standard penset uses columns of colour to distinguish elements. If your company still uses the old style pensets, add-ons can be created that will upgrade your projects with the click of a button
  • If you have any ideas on the functionality of the parts, or ideas for new parts, please keep them coming in.
  • All 4D Library support queries are now required to go to – please send through as much information as possible along with screen shots.

4D Library v26

ArchiCAD 26 Accessories Downloads

Example Project 26

ArchiCAD 26 Library Downloads r2.1

Note: 2 Downloads

  1. The 4D Library
  2. The Mac or PC Installer

4D Library v25

ArchiCAD 25 Accessories Downloads


Example Project 25

ArchiCAD 25 Library Downloads r2.1

Note: 2 Downloads

  1. The 4D Library
  2. The Mac or PC Installer

4D Library v24

ArchiCAD 24 Accessories Downloads


Example Project 24

ArchiCAD 24 Library Downloads r2.0.

Note: 2 Downloads

  1. The 4D Library
  2. The Mac or PC Installer

Archived downloads Pre July 2024

Archived downloads 2023

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