4D Library 15

New Features for Version 15

(All the features of the previous versions plus)

The 4D Library for version 15 of ArchiCAD will be ready to ship shortly. Check back soon to see more info and images to be added.

Cupboard Assemblies


A new system for creating cupboards. Where the user places one library part for the complete kitchen cabinet. This is basically the Doors, Drawers, Dishwasher recess, Microwave recess, Underbench oven, hotplate, kitchen sink and laminated top from the 4D Library – ALL ROLLED INTO ONE. With a break-through interface that makes all this as easy as possible. The above screen shot shows two library parts. The Cupboard Assembly (Microwave recess, Drawers, UBO, hotplate, doors, sink) and the Overhead Cupboard Assembly (With the rangehood and top hung cabinets) This has proved very popular with the beta testers

Here is an example page of the interface (1 of 20 pages)


Downpipe 4D

Downpipe Stepping over pier

Downpipe Stepping over pier

We have created the worlds best down-pipe. With fantastic features that allow the user to shape the downpipe around any obstruction. This simple and easy to use tool is surprisingly powerful.

Landscaping Wall

[nggallery id=14]


This new tool automatically creates landscaping walls complete with piers, pickets, low walls, header bricks, pier caps and more. With the ability to go up or down a sloping site. Note in the screen shots that attached piers are possible, also with the option to dash the piers on the wall side, perfect for fencing elevations. Plus the ability to adjust the pier spacing individually, this new part is bound to become very popular.

iOpening Skylight

[nggallery id=15]

The iOpening now works with the shell tool as a skylight. You can now create freeform windows in your freeform building shell! Skylights of any shape can now be created just like with the iOpening windows and doors.

Raking Cornice

Cool new part that allows for easy cornice placement around a room with raking ceilings. This removes the need to painstakingly run profiled beams around the job.

Veranda Frieze Object


Frieze with curved bottom rail

Simple object that creates a fully parametric traditional veranda frieze with the ability to curve the bottom section.

Windows – Blinds

All windows now have a new ‘Window Treatments’ options. Allowing for many different internal blinds to be applied automatically. Includes Venetian, Roman, Holland, Double Holland and vertical blinds. All full parametric. This is a real boon for realistic 3d visualisations

Roman Blinds on a Corner Window

Roman Blinds on a Corner Window

Blinds Interface page

Blinds Interface page

Windows – Other

We now have a full range of sashless double hung window arrangements available. The layered window now has an ‘All Equal’ option. New 1c and 2c brick snap options for Jason and Dowell windows. Cornering improvements with multi-level window cornering.





The balustrading part has been updated. 1. With a new multi page interface. 2. With the ability to create some high end balustrading types. We now have a glazed balustrade with two different bottom connection types. Buttons or Clips. And with the option to have an offset handrail with connections to the glazing. There is also a new dashed floorplan display so the balustrade can dash its-self in the same way as your stair.

Staircase 4D


The staircase has been upgrade to show UB and PFC stringers. Either on both sides or down the centre. The stringers can be moved to anywhere the user wants, with 2 different tread to stringer connection options

CheckList 4D


A new symbol that allow you to create a checklists. Save various types of standard checklists as favourites. With the ability to inset and delete rows, plus copy and paste. Very handy little tool

Garage Door

The garage door now has a 3d Motor and track option. Plus new fully editable panels

Laminated Pantry

The standard 4D pantry now has the ability to display as a fully laminated pantry facade