4D Library 14

New Features for Version 14

Door Panel Parameters

Door panels can now be edited directly, with all sides variable. Allowing for much easier door panel creation, and reducing the need to create custom door panels.

Door panel options tab

Door panel options tab

Inbuilt BCA Compliance Functions


Many of the 4D library parts now show a special hatch to instantly show many key BCA related clearances. For example the shower part will show a fill that indicates the required GPO and light switch clearance. The garage door will show a minimum track clearance to each side, the Meterbox will show a minimum clearance to wall corners and eave height and the new soakwells will show the minimum clearance to boundaries/buildings. This new function is a major new step in how the 4D library can improve the quality of your documentation. Standard clearances have been set in a new Page in the 4D Model View Options. But the user can change these values to reflect local standards

Door Circulation Spaces

From the 4D Model View Options panel the user can now show minimum door clearances. When active, a hotspot rotates around each door, this allows the user to choose the approach direction. As you can see from the screen shot below, as the hotspot rotates, the type of approach is displayed


Soak-well System

This fantastic new part takes the grunt work out of soak-well calculations and placement. Simply add in the roof and/or paving area and then specify the type and number of soak-wells you want to use. Then place the optional table of soak-wells and move the soak-wells around your site as needed.

Cupboard Stack

Fantastic new cabinet that will create those tricky on bench appliance cupboards that are hard to model in ArchiCAD. The part can have up to 4 different cupboard types stacked on top of each other. Each one can be either a wine rack, appliance cupboard, overhead cupboard, and emply shelf or a base style cabinet.

Waterfall end.

Create waterfall ends on your stone tops with ease

New Free Standing Baths

Great new, fully parametric free standing baths. You can now create the new ultra modern baths with attractive floor plan display.

Vanity and laundry Cupboards

The vanity and laundry cupboards can finally be mitred!.

Tap options

More taps options, we now have 3 new types of Vege Mixer added to the huge list of taps available

Baths 4D

The standard bath has now been updated to create oval and curved style baths. With a much improved 2d and 3d look

Balustrade 4D

This part has always been extremely powerful but with great features that were buried in the cryptic parameters. This part has had a massive overhaul with much of the 3d and 2d scripts being re-written. A completely new, six page interface. And new mitering hotspots to make cornering much easier.

Detailing Parts

Included in the version 14 library, a new suite of quality parametric detailing tools specific for the Australian market. For detailed information see https://4dlibrary.com.au/category/details-4d/

Roof Covering 4D

Highly detailed roof tile or roof sheet part, complete with battens. Stretches to suit required size, adding more tiles as needed. Has many of the common roof tiles profiles such as Marsielle, Vienna, Roman, Swiss or a shingle type tile. The profile can be viewed from the side or the front.

Furring Channel 4D (Commonly called ‘Top Hats’)

The four common furring channel profiles are contained in this very handy part. Just place one furring channel then stretch along where needed. Spacings can be adjusted as well as a fixing plate attached

Mouldings Detail 4D

Great part for adding scotia or quad, fully parametric and stretchy

Cornice Detail 4D

Add cornices to your details easily. Again all parameters are adjustable, with all the common cornice profiles available such as Classic, Jazz, Symphony, Concerto and more. Plus the standard 90, 75 and 55 Coved cornice

Cladding and Flooring 4D

Stretch your flooring, decking or cladding across you detail for instant flooring details. Fully adjustable width and length. The gap between boards is also parametric

Post Shoe 4D

Another parameteric detail part with all the required settings. All the sizes are fully adjustable including the gauge of the steel, width and height of the stirrup, stem type and thickness etc etc. The top portion has L, U and Blade style parameters. The bottom portion has plate, plate with starter bars and Welded Rod options. The view point can be either from the front or the side.

Lintel Detail 4D

Instantly add lintels and T-bars to your details. Includes all the standard lintel sizes but the part also lets you create your own lintel sizes if you need something special


Flat head nails, bullet head nails and parametric screws are included. These parts can be view from the side or the top, the screw part will allow either a flat head or phillips head option

2d Bolt 4D

Extremely functional part. With options for side and top views, Coach, DynaBolt, Nylon Anchors or and Engineers bolt. The nuts and washers can be removed, plus cross hair lines added to show centre points.