4D Library 13

New Features Introduced in Version 13

Model View Options

The new model view options in ArchiCAD 13 let you set materials, 3d swing and shelf lines plus many other things from with in a view. This allows the user to easily change the entire model from one area, and also create ‘design options’ easily. This is a huge improvement and has required additional coding to most of the library parts. I have attached some screen shots of the new Model view options.

Click on the thumbnails to see some screen shots of the the Model View Options

New Tools

iOpening Window | Door 4D.

This cool new window allows you to create almost any shape window. Including windows with curved edges. I feel this window is a real ‘World First’ and has become a distinctive feature of the 4D Library

Roofing 4D.

This roof accessory allows you to create instant gutters, barge boards, ridge caps and full gable ends instantly. It will also create a very good roof plan. (Note that the roof framing tools are sold separately)

Footing 4D.

This slab accessory creates instant footings to your slab. Using the same technology from the cornice part, each edge is fully editable or removable via hotspots. Up to 6 different type of footings can be applied to one slab

Site Setout 4D.

This new tool automatically creates site setout plans – FULLY DIMENSIONED with set-up points for slab constuction. If your office creates slab setouts as part of its standard documents, this tool is invaluable. It will also create a site coverage calculation box, create a 3d boundary to assist with building envelope issues and allow the user to remove dimension strings if not required.

Improved Tools

We now have lush interfaces for most of the library. Objects that have had recent interfaces added are the Staircase, UBO, Stove, Range-Hood, Range-hood cupboard, Pantry, Dishwasher Recess, Microwave recess. Plus you will find many of the older parts have had complete overhauls plus other smaller tweaks.



Improved BCA Energy Export

The 4D Library 13 also improves the current BCA Calculator export. Now when the user exports data, the air – movement page of the BCA calculator will also be automatically filled in. Also, the actual BCA Calculator itself is linked to the ArchiCAD output. All you have to do is setup your zones correctly, define the P and H, export the data from ArchiCAD then refresh the spreadsheet.

But what else has changed?…..

New VanityVanity Unit. New interface pages with simplified setup of vanity bowls. Also there is now an option to have drawers, shelves, or open sections between doors. We have some new taps, note on the image the new upright flick mixers. There is also a new style of fix mixer available for the kitchen sink. The Vanity Bowl object has also been upgraded, with a new square vanity bowl with a cone shaped basin, and with the option of extending the left and right sides on square type bowls. (allowing ‘Caroma Cube Extension’ type set ups.)

The ‘Show Kick Line’ parameter / tick box found on many of the cabinet parts has now disappeared. Through the magic of ArchiCAD, when you get two cabinets to touch the line between them will now vanish. This applies also to the top trim and the top (if enabled). This has required some significant re-coding, but definately worth the effort.

Top Trim (previously call dissemillation over??!) on all library parts has been significantly improved.We now have diagrams in the interface to detail what is being modified. Each side of the top trim can be offset independently and returned to the back of the cabinet and like the kick line, two cabinets that touch will remove the line in between.