4D Library 21


By popular demand, there will soon be regular short training sessions available for the 4D Library and ArchiCAD. We are now finally available to help your company implement the 4D Library through training and general consulting.

We have also implemented a new support ‘ticketing’ system. Now if you have an issue with the 4D Library – just email support (email address to be sent to out soon) and you will receive a support ‘ticket’. This system should eliminate the ‘lost’ emails that having been creating problems over the last few months.

4D Library 21 – New Features 

The version 21 of the 4D Library is here. We have some great new tools that will change the way you currently work (for the better) and some great new parts that compliment the new features of ArchiCAD 21

    • ‘LABEL MAKER 4D’ A fantastic new label that reads in information from the ArchiCAD model to combine with your notes to create the smartest way to label possible
    • ‘COURSE HEIGHT LABEL 4D’ This new course marker moves with your element in elevation. So now if you label the top of a wall, or column or window/door – your course height marker will move with the element. And just one click to insert it.
    • ‘SHOE CONNECTION 4D’  The only way to get the new railing tool to create common balustrade types. This tool creates a parameter ‘Shoe’ for glass balustrade as well as setup’s for offset hand railing with button connections on the panels4D Library 21
    • ‘STAIR TREAD 4D’ A new stair tread that allows for ‘button’ style connections to the edge of the tread4D Library 21‘DECKING 4D’ A new fast decking tool. Model up timber decking complete with framing and individual deck boards (if desired) in just a few clicks4D Library 21

  • ‘PROFILES’ ArchiCAD 21 now allows for profiles in objects. So you can now use the ArchiCAD profile editor to create gutter and fascia profiles and have the 4D Roofing tool automatically apply them to the roof edges. This also works for the cornice tool.
    4D Library 21

    Profile UI. Profile anchor point can be set individually

    4D Library 21

    Here a UB 200 has been used as the fascia for this roof

  • ‘GUTTERS TO GABLES’ The 4D roofing tool can now apply gutters to gable ends and spandrels
  • Many more smaller features – to many to list