4D Library 20

ArchiCAD 20

General  Upgrade Information

ArchiCAD 20 is a great upgrade. Don’t believe the negative trolling you see on the forums. I feel that ArchiCAD 20 is the best upgrade we have seen in many many years. 

The upgrade contains no WOW features (like the morph tool did back in version 16), but I think it has more real world benefits than most upgrades I remember. Graphic overrides are amazing. We are still finding new ways of using this powerful new feature. The completely re-vamped favourites are fantastic and the “element properties” with the import/export feature have so many uses.   

The other good news is we have been testing ArchiCAD 20 on projects for many months, and are very happy. My office will be moving to ArchiCAD 20 ASAP 🙂

So whats new with the 4D Library 20?

4D Library 20 – New features

Behind the scenes

In the background. Full compatibility with version 20. This has been a huge undertaking. All 3d library parts are now fully compatible with background processing, allowing for faster generation of sections and elevations. ALL code has been optimised, updated and modified to comply with stringent new AC 20 guidelines for developers.

New Free Form Shower

We now have the ultimate shower. It can quickly and easily create the easiest shape to the hardest. All with an easy to use interface and hotspot editing



Create 3 sides glazed showers



Hexagonal Showers are becoming very popular

Freeform Shower 1

Complex low walls and the like. Yes, this is one part.


Cut aways for windows in the tiling. Full control over glass position on hobs


Rapid Section Detailing Part


You get full control of the pens, fills and other attributes


You can edit via the multitude of hotspots or by the easy to follow interface




New room sizing tool

Using the polyline accessory and the magic wand, instantly create re-positional room names and instantly calculated room sizes!

In this video I am using a keyboard shortcut to get to the polyline accessory.

New ‘Cranked Steel’ Library part


Easy to use cranked steel object

New window and door ‘sketch’ modes.

We have three representation types for windows. Standard – Detailed and now Sketch. All set through model view options.


Standard Window Representation

4D Library 20

Detailed Window Representation


Sketch Window Representation

New corrugated sheeting part

Used for free standing wall claddings, that would be impossible to model otherwise


Both vertical and horizontal sheet have been created by this new tool


The sheet can be modelled to be cut around any shape



New silicone jointed panels

Create glass panels with silicone butt joins. Can also be cornered with a silcone join mitre.


Note the zoomed section showing the silicone join

Easier to use downpipe object with preset common downpipes ready to go.


Downpipe Stepping over pier

Downpipe Stepping over pier


Multipage interface for easy setup


Preset downpipe shapes. Place – Set – stretch – done


New handrail connector part

Allows for the connection of vertical sections between balustrades



use the handrail connector to join two balustrades when they are at extreme height differences. Very easy to use with angle and length editing via 3D hotspots

Upgraded standard notes part.

Create complex standard notes boxes quickly and easily. Mix fonts, font style, size and colour to create easily read notes boxes, perfect for use with the new version 20 favourites.


Create notes with many text options. Then save the complete note as a favourite


Justify left or right, choose a preset style, tag sections of text for different formatting and even change the case of each section


Create 4 different styles, adjust spacing and width factors, combine bold, italic, underline and strikethrough styles.

New easy installation. Run the installer, done – for all users on that machine. The setup utility and old support files are no longer required.