4D Library 19

v19 Compatibility Upgrades

General Interface Upgrade

All Interfaces have been updated to use the new ArchiCAD menu system. This will remove the ‘double’ menu above the ‘Custom Settings’ and bring the library into line with standard ArchiCAD interface. With well over 100 parts that have a menu based interface, this was a large undertaking in itself

New UI Comparison

No more confusing double menu

3D Text

ArchiCAD 19 has a new background processing feature, enabling sections and elevations in currently open tabs to be rebuilt before you click on them. But standard 3D Text will prevent background processing in ArchiCAD 19. To enable background processing and enjoy the hugely popular 3D text attached to windows and doors for sash text and course height markers, I have created a new ‘line based’ 3D font out of ArchiCAD polylines –  that will still allow background process. The other benefit is this font is very thin and looks far better in elevation than the old fonts.

New Text

The new 4D polyline text compared to Arial Narrow (Arial to the left)

Surface Painter

The fantastic new ArchiCAD 19 Surface Painter will not work with materials defined via model view options. The 4D Library 19 allows you to globally switch off the 4D Library MVO material control with one button.

Font Lists

All 4D objects have been updated to remove AC 19 incompatible font lists. If the old, commonly used font lists are used, background processing will not work.

New Tools

Multi-Drawer 4D

Multiple – side by side sets of drawers are becoming more common. With this new tool, they become much easier to configure. They can be set to have individually editable widths or have all drawer widths divided equally

Multidrawer - equal widths

Multidrawers – equal widths

Multidrawer - individual widths

Multidrawer – individually set widths

Brick setout 4D

Fabulous new tool that will automatically change a polyline to bricks lengths – either 1c or 2c. Using the new ‘polyline’ accessory, you quickly click on all the corners of your building. Then simply change the polygon to either 1c or 2c brick sizes. The polygon shape can even be transferred into the 4D site setout tool. 


Create the polyline

Create the Polygon


Then set to brick sizes

Then simply ‘change the polygon’

Next we just explode the object and magicwand your external walls along the polyline.

magic wand the walls

Trace the polyline

The you can transfer the resulting perimeter shape into the setout tool

Add the polygon to the setout tool

Transfer shape to setout tool

Boundary Setup 4D

Ingenius new tool first developed by Kristian Goodsell. There has never been an easier way to set-out your site. With its inbuilt help pointers, this tool makes site set-outs so easy, a salesman could do it.!! 🙂

Boundary Setup 4D

Simply stretch and rotate – stretch and rotate – and so on.

Awning 4D

So much work done on the Awning object that its basically a new tool. Much improved, flexible awning with the ability to stretch around corners and return beams as required. 

Awning 4D

Fantastic new options allow for many new shapes

Awning 4D UI

Interface makes setup easy


Groove Cutter 4D

Handy tool that speeds up the creation and setout of grooves to represent panelling, tiltup panels and the like. Creates a grid of bars  (can be tapered) to be used for a Solid Element Operation – then the layer hidden

Groove cutter 3

setout the grooves by spacing

Groove cutter 2

Setout grooves individually

Groove cutter 1

Grooves can easy follow curved walls

Existing tools New Features

External Multi-door

Mix and match door types – have swinging doors meeting with sliding doors, mix a bifold and standard swinging door – anything you want- all from the external multidoor. Great new interface makes setup a breeze. 

External Multi Door Panels

Cornered sliding doors with swing door to one side – and fixed glazed sidelight

Door Types UI

Easy to use interface

New fully customisable door frame widths. Great for commercial applications

Door Frame UI 2

Vanity Unit

Create full surrounds around the cabinet, New thickened edge top type. New interface – configuration is now much easier. 

Vanity Cupboard Surrounds Vanity Cupboard UI 1 Vanity Cupboard UI 2

vanity surrounds

This complete setup is the Vanity Unit 4D. The mirror and bowl have been offset left via hotspot, the tiling comes from the vanity as well as the cupboard surround

Shower and Bath

Holes now available in tiling. You can now easily create holes in tiling around windows etc, complete with reveal tiles.

Tiling around Windows

Left hand window has a shower tiling cut around, right hand window has bath tiling cut around

Panel Style Drawer Fronts

New panelled style drawer fronts with two configuration types… All the standard cabinet doors are available as well as custom door fronts, applied as per these images.

Panelled Drawers 1 Panelled Drawers 2

Hotspot editable Cabinet handle positions

Hotspot editable handle positions

Easily locate your cabinet handles via editable hotspots

Roofing Tool

You can now use model view options to turn ridge caps on and off. Great for the many offices that show ridge caps at the sketch design phase, but then turn them off for working drawings.

Adjustable gutter lengths and mitres. You can now extend gutters past their usual position on a roof. Allowing for better representation of box gutter cornering and the like.

New Gutter ends and extensions

This gutter and fascia extended to meet the box gutter

Add new flashing lines. You can now add 3D dashed lines along walls where a flashing is required – this is proving very popular. Each line has a editable hotspot on each end to you can adjust the start and finish point perfectly

Flashing Dashes 2

Dashed line as seen in 3D

Flashing Dashes attached to the roof shape

Dashing as shown in elevation

Layered Window

Completely re-jigged interface makes adding and removing different sashes super easy. You simply click on the picture of the sash and change the type. This makes configuration of complex window assembly extremely easy. Remove internal frames via hotspots 

Layered window 1

With frames

Layered window 2

Frames removed

Layered window UI selection

Easy to use new interface

Layered Window UI

Much easier to add and remove sashes

Site Plan Setout 4D

This powerfull tool has now been simplified. You can now setup the tool for sketch design and then working drawings with the click of a single button.

Siteplan setout UI

Easy to use interface!


As usual there are many more small tweaks to library parts – too many to list. Plus there has been many back-end changes to get the 4D Library working in version 19 of ArchiCAD

Garage Door 4D

New offset panels option. 2,3,4 and 5 panel doors can now have offset panels widths.

three panel offset

Panel offset with 25% – 50% – 25%

two panel offset

Panel offset with 66% – 33%