4D Library 18

Frame & Sash Details

– A much requested new feature. Automatically show detailed sashes and frames in plan. Generic aluminium and timber details included, with the ability to create your own details and have them appear automatically. All controlled via new model view options.

Stepped Footing 4D

– New object to aid with the creation of stepped footings in plan, elevation and 3d if required. Simple place the maker at one end. Then from one end of the elevation create more steps by simply moving the hotspots, creating additional steps to the footing, and automatically creating the stepped footing marker in the floor plan at the step point as well

 Sash Enhancements

All sashes have been rebuilt from the ground up. Sashes are now openable, have optional 3d hardware like awning  window winders, flyscreens and casement handles with granular control how each sash type is setup. Complete with new bi-folding sash option

bifolding windows

Bifolding Windows


 Waffle Slabs

By popular demand, the ability to add ‘waffle’ style footing grids to the under side of slabs using the Footing 4D ‘accessory’

New Door Handle Types

Great new modern door handles to help with presentations.

door handles

New Door Handles

Simplified interface for all doors

Only the parameters that are required are shown to the user

new simplified doors

Door Hinges

New hinge options allow for multiple hinges, hinges displayed in 3D and elevation and the ability to create ‘Long Throw’ hinges that allow a door to sit flat on a wall, even with a deep reveal

Zone display for all external openings, makes it much easier to troubleshoot zone issues

zone checking view

New Sills interface for external doors and windows

New easy to use options.

New sill options

Staircase updates

Coverings to staircase, allowing for timber coverings and more for the staircase object.

Stair Options 2

Plus the ability to create  ‘Tread Plates’ to support timber treads and even use the plates as an infill

Stair with and with out coverigns

New Shower Bath combination

New ability to add a shower screen and shower taps to the bath object

shower bath

Balustrading Accessory 4D Update

The fantastic balustrade that is super easy to insert and manipulate has been updated. Connection buttons and connection plates can be exactly located using  new editable hotspots

New interface and functions for the Laundry trough part

Double inset shower option

Many more smaller but important features

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