4D Library 17


Door and Window Schedule upgrade

  • New formatting method, gives you complete formatting control over every row in the schedule.
  • Automatically exclude joinery using the ID prefix. For example  – all your Robe doors have the ID ‘TYPE RXX’ simple exclude all items with the prefix ‘TYPE R” to remove them from the schedule
  • Automatically filter joinery by prefix – For example so only IDs prefixed with ‘TYPE R’ will display.
  • A more professional schedule setout
  • Window and Door “Types” can use zones for the location number.
  • New label options to allow for zone location numbers
  • Example file provided with types setup using zones and hotlinked modules

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Auto-dimensioning site tool.

-As you create your site coverage fill, the 4D Site tool will automatically place dimensions to the boundary. (Video to be posted soon!)
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Stair soffits

-Now you can edit your stair soffits  – minimising the use of fills when sections pass through staircases
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-Taps and Baths can now be imported into objects as morphs 3D Framing with roof accessories – perfect for detailed sections and exposed eaves projects
-New Model view options to hide taps in 3d and/or 2d

Single line drawer display options

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