4D Library 16


Here is a quick summary of the upgrade. Scroll further down for details

  • New Continuous Balustrading
  • Amazing new features to the layered window
  • Electrical upgrade with new Legend and Wattage and Penetration calculations
  • Light and Ventilation calculator
  • Staircase – Individual tread and landing extensions
  • New Model view option text override
  • Setback averaging calculator
  • Site coverage calculator built in to the site setout tool
  • Import morphs into vanity bowls and sinks
  • Cabinet and Drawer gaps – Control individual gaps
  • End panel adjustment options
  • Flexible external door swing and frame arrangements
  • Many many more….

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Balustrading Accessory 4D

Fantastic new balustrade that is super easy to insert and manipulate. These balustrades were inserted with just a few clicks for the path and even less clicks for the heights. There are dozens of balustrade settings allowing for hundreds of different balustrade styles

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Layered Window 4D – Upgrade

The Layered window has been upgraded to allow for a huge array of different window shapes.  With many world first features in a window. All of which can be automatically scheduled, and exported to the Ventilation and Light Calculator. With features such as variable sash widths, indenting of the frame, full height panels or partially full height panels, multiple sash types horizontally or vertically the possibilities are endless

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Electrical Calculations

Since May the 1st 2012, we need to calculate the electrical load, maximum wattage and insulation penetrations of a building. But to make matters worse, the Class 1 building and class 10 building are assessed separately, the external lights have a separate efficiency requirement and Alfresco’s, Veranda’s etc need to be assessed separately. The 4D Library has the best possible solution, with Integrated Zone Stamps, Ceiling Fixtures Symbols, Special Area Fills and an Electrical Legend  that calculates all the information.

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Light and Ventilation Calculations

The NCC (National Construction Codes) requires each habitable room of a residence to have a ratio of light to floor area of 10% and ventilation to floor area of 5% – 7.5%. The 4D Light and Ventilation calculated creates a list of zones (combining zones that are connected) and the windows and external doors that are connected to these zones. The size of the opening and the ventilation area is calculated and totalled for each room. If a room (zone) does not have enough light or ventilation the erroneous zone will be highlighted red.

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Staircase upgrades 

The 4D Staircase has been updated to allow each tread to be extended out, then widened – as per page 2 of the screen shots. Plus landing extensions are now possible, allowing for much better stair construction  (In regards to continuous balustrade connections)

4D Library 16

Full control over floor plan text Display

You now have granular control over text display. Want door sizes hidden but door openings displayed? – easy – want all your cabinet text turned off but the dishwasher text showing? easy! All controlled globally from the Model View Options. This is a must for anyone creating brochure, sketch or simplified plans, along with working drawings

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Setback Averaging

Calculate your setback averaging by simply choosing your setback, placing the object, then draw the averaging fills.

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Site Coverage

The trusty Site Plan Setout tool now has the ability to calculate site coverage.

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Integrate Morphs

Morphs can now be integrated into the vanity and sink objects

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Full control over cabinet door gaps. 

You can now create odd door sizes or ‘recessed pulls’ by adjusting each and every door gap. This is all with and easy to use, dynamically adjusting UI. Drawers can also be adjusted in a similar way. Custom each gap between each drawer, and extend the left or right side of the drawer front.

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End Panel Adjustments

End panels can be easy adjusted on both ends. This, combined with the new door gaps feature gives the user even more control than ever.

4D Library 16

New flexible external door arrangements

We now have easy ways to configure door swings, frame placements and orientation. The frame was configured simple by typing <X><X<. Thats it!.  All this adds to the bifolding, quad, pivot, double, highlights, sidelights, various top shapes and the multitude of other features in the Multi-Door.