4D Library 23


4D Library 23 – New Features 


Rich Text

  • As more and more information is required in a even a basic set of documents, the ability to easily position and size text has become very important.
  • ‘Rich Text”  brings the means to modify text in a natural and powerful manner. This feature has taken months to add to over 100 parts in the library, all while maintaining backwards compatibility. (See footnote)
  • Justify left, right or centred : Increase or decrease text leading, width or line spacing : Wrap text using hotspot controls : Combine any font styles Bold, Italic, Underline or Strikethrough (Note: Font dependent). 
  • All the 4D Library parts that need rich text now have this new toolbar. This brings a new level on consistency to the 4D Library with every object having this page with the toolbar. The three sections – tailored for each part are Text Format , Content, then positioning and display
  • Instantly change text to UPPER CASE or lower case.

4D Library 23

  • Wrapped texted can be easily achieved by pressing the ‘Text Wrap’ button. Two hotspots will appear allowing you to adjust the size of the wrapping area


4D Library 23

Long descriptive text – note the hotspots to each side of the text box

4D Library 23

The resulting text wrapped and also with adjustment of the line spacing.

  • Note also the transparent fill under all text. This has made selection of the object and its text so much easier… with ArchiCAD’s magnetic selection on, there is no more searching for hotspots or corners.
  • Also, text on windows will now adjust automatically to stay next to the wall – when adding and removing lines of text.

still to come

FONT overrides in Model View Options.

Change the font of every 4D Library part instantly via Model View Options

4D Library 23

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CUSTOM Profiled Architraves added to doors and windows

Now you can apply your own molding profiles to Architraves simply using the ArchiCAD profile manager. 


Robe Assembly Unit

The new robe assembly easily creates shelving and robe layouts with the minimum off fuss. With a fantastic interface that allows you to quickly add and subtract sections – edit the floor plan text, select and section and edit its essentitial settings all from the same page. Of course you can dig deeper in the other pages to adjust all manner of settings.

The robe assemble will do shelving, hanging rails with shelves, hanging rails only, door and drawers and wire baskets. It also support individual base kick boards, no kick boards or a full length base. Perfect for our local construction needs. 


Oven Hotplate Rangehood Cupboard

A new vertically stacked library part that combines a Stove or Underbench Oven with a hotplate and a rangehood cupboard or a rangehood cabinet. Having a single object for these items makes selection and editing far easier. Together with the new text enhancements, full hotspot editing and attention to detail, this new part will almost certainly find it way into most of your projects. 


‘RULES’ based window settings 

Simplified controls to create and modify window “Rules” – that determine transom and mullion appearance etc.

Plumbing Tube Out

New object for showing plumbing pre-lays. So why use an object for something that generally gets represented with a dashed line?

  • The one object can show on multiple stories… unlike a line
  • Text associated to the object… lines can’t be labelled
  • Different text can be configured for different stories and different scales
  • Object can be any straight edged, polygon shape.


New Label Maker features




The new rich text feature brings a very slight difference between the old and the new text styles. The old method could not adjust the line spacing for different font styles, the new rich text can. This means there is a slight difference in the multiline text spacings. Here the second line of text ‘OBS’ is slightly different to the old spacing (light red)… if this is an issue, you can easily make the alignment mirror the old text perfectly by adjusting the line spacing 

4D Library 23