Out now: Another Update for Version 24, 25 and 26 !

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New features

  1. WC part upgraded to have 3 extra WC styles using popular toilet shapes
    • New interface for far easier use
  2. New two new window sill options
  3. Updates to the Storey Level Single Line object (Previously called basic)
    • Link a single storey line to a storey in section and elevation
    • Improved interface
    • I think this is the best option for story lines - because of the flexibility.
  4. Roof 4D - Improved box gutter to spandrel setup.
  5. Much improved Skylight and Extra opening handling in the Air Movement Schedule
  6. Many small bug fixes.

Toilet 4D

3 new WC styles bring this old part, finally up to date. Many people rely on the 4D Toilet because of its slab setout feature and therefore will not use other WC parts. This update brings a new modern look to the Toilet as well as keeping the slab setout capabilities.

With rare features like adjustable radius' and parametric cistern, this WC will do a great wall faced WC

New window sill options

The window and external door window sills have not changed for a very long time. During this upgrade, many small improvements have been added and inconsistencies have been fixed. As well as two new sill types.

  1. A new raked sill that rakes the brick as a full brick.
  2. The ability to extend the old raked brick, creating a new sill type.
  3. Updated ui and many small 3D line work fixes.

Storey Level Line

Storey Level Single Line object: The most flexible and efficient way to create storey level lines, that are linked to the storey settings. Easily skip a storey or reduce the length of one storey line.. and as soon as a storey changes - the Storey Level Lines update.

Roofing 4D

Improved box gutter modelling with support for all gutter types..

The ability to change the barge flashing surface colour - independent of the roofing colour

Addition spandrel end options and Interface improvements


Air movement Schedule - Skylights and Extras

Skylights and other openings can now be easily added to any room in the air movement schedule

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