16.1 – Plumbing Hardware

Floor waste 4D

General Notes: Simple 2D object with moveable text

Floor Wast 4D
Floor Waste 4D

Hob 4D

General Notes: Hob part used in many library parts and can be placed individually

Mirror 4D

General Notes: Mirror part used with vanity or can be placed individually

Advanced Functions: Five mirror types – Framed, bevel edged, screw domes, corner clips and bevelled edged with screw domes.  Has dashed line from corner to corner of mirror.

Shampoo Shelf 4D

Shower Screen 4D

General Notes: Shower Screen 4D used in shower, can be placed individually

Toilet Roll Holder 4D

Towel Rail 4D

General Notes: Advanced Towel rail with single, double, ring, heated and slotted bench options

Towel Rail 4D
Towel Rail 4D