1 – Site & Landscape

3dE North Pt

Banking Object 4D


Boundary Setup 4D

Ingenius new tool first developed by Kristian Goodsell. There has never been an easier way to set-out your site. With its inbuilt help pointers, this tool makes site set-outs so easy, a salesman could do it.!! 🙂

Boundary Setup 4D

Cone of Vision

Cut Off Drain 4D

GSA Flax

North point 4D

Open Space Fill Object 4D

Paving Setout Herring Bone

Paving Setout Square

Setback Averaging

To calculate setback averaging. (Using a 6m and 12m Averaging)

  1. Drawing in your 6m and 12m setback lines from the front boundary
  2. Create the front setback area, using the ‘4D IN-FRONT SETBACK’ fill
  3. Create the behind setback area, using the ‘4D BEHIND SETBACK’ fill
  4. Select all your fills and run the ‘4D DataExp’ component list from the project map
  5. Go to the object tool and select the ‘Set-Back averaging 4D’ tool
  6. Click ‘Import Data’ and modify the text as required.

If the import did not work, it maybe a windows permission error. See the help files.

Site Label

Site Notes

Stepped Footing 4D

Object to aid with the creation of stepped footings in plan, elevation and 3d if required. Simply place the maker at one end. Then from one end of the elevation create more steps by moving the hotspots, creating additional steps to the footing, and automatically creating the stepped footing marker in the floor plan at the step point as well.

1 - Site & Landscape
1 - Site & Landscape
1 - Site & Landscape

Tree Shapes

Basic tree shapes with a low polygon count