6.2 – Accessories – Roof & Ceiling

4D Roofing

The 4D Roofing is one of the most popular tools in the 4D Library and has many great features.

  • Instantly create accurate roofing extra. Gutters and fascia, ridge caps, soffit linings, barge board, verge linings, roof battens, 3d sheeting and roof plans with slope arrows- all at the press of one button
  • The make a few more clicks to create complex gable ends, continuous gutters up barges, add downpipes and more.. Even a full 3d roof frame.
  • ‘PROFILES’ ArchiCAD allows for profiles in objects. So you can now use the ArchiCAD profile editor to create gutter and fascia profiles and have the 4D Roofing tool automatically apply them to the roof edges.
  • You can now apply custom sheeting profiles to your roof.
  • Gutters can now extend up gable and spandrel ends
  • Realistic Valleys and Ridge caps.
  • Downpipes can be attached to gutters
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS. : With a few codes changes to the roof tiling – 3D generation is now much faster… testing shows the 3d window appear after 1 sec…. compared to 32 seconds using the old part (Tested in v22)

Roof Accessories – Downpipes

The 4D roof accessories now feature an attached down-pipe. Easily added by moving a hotspot in plan or elevation. Downpipes are fully editable, connect either to the bottom of the gutter, or the back of the gutter and have all the features you would expect with a 4D object, like editable and moveable text, model view option control of the display in 3d and plan etc etc.

Mitred Sheeting

Sheet mitring option for roof sheets and wall sheets.
The easiest way to setup this up is to apply the accessories to wall and roof planes, cut a section through the connection of the sheets then measure the angle (halve it of course). Then enter the angle in the sheets interface
There is a hotspot in the wall sheets so the cut can be edited graphically (Not possible with roof – you must do this manually)

Cornice 4D

General Notes: The 4D cornice tool is an extremely quick method of creating cornice for every room in your project. Simple magic wand a ‘Plaster Board’ slab in each room, select all the slabs and attached the cornice via the slab accessories. Individual sections of cornice can then be removed as required and the end mitres adjusted accordingly. This is an extremely useful and popular tool in the 4D Tool kit

Advanced Functions: The cornice is completely parametric with the ability to change into many standard Australian cornice profiles as well as use Custom Components, allowing for any profile to be used as the cornice. Also once the 4D cornice is easily attached to the slab representing your plasterboard it will extend and move with the plasterboard slab.

Cornice – Raking 4D

Cool part that allows for easy cornice placement around a room with raking ceilings. This removes the need to painstakingly run profiled beams around the job.


Individual Cornice 4D

Simple part to use when all you need is one piece of cornice

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