4.1 – Balustrade & Fencing & Screens

Balustrade 4D

General Notes: Major part with thousands of options. Balustrade can be easily angled up a stair or ramp using the 3D editable hotspots. Many different infill options such as glass, vertical balusters, horizontal balusters, wired and custom.

Advanced Functions: Custom components can be used for handrails, panels and posts. All posts can be individually stretched on top and bottom for when a post needs to extend to a stair tread.

Colourbond Fence 4D

Handy steel panel fencing object complete with tapering end option

Fence and Gate 4D

Now you can attach your fencing to ArchiCAD elements like walls and meshes using the ArchiCAD Railing Tool. Using all the usual picket options with a few extras added recently. Gothic, triangular, trident, spear, pool loops, splayed and bevel are all available. Favourites have been created for many different fencing types, which are a great starting point for your own customised types.

Landscaping Wall 4D

This new tool automatically creates landscaping walls complete with piers, pickets, low walls, header bricks, pier caps and more. With the ability to go up or down a sloping site. Note in the screen shots that attached piers are possible, also with the option to dash the piers on the wall side, perfect for fencing elevations. Plus the ability to adjust the pier spacing individually, this new part is bound to become very popular.

Lattice Fence Panels

General Notes: Parametric lattice

Advanced Functions: Many lattice parameters for changing sizes, rotation and hole size

Multi-Tube Handrail 4D

General Notes: Parametric handrail, used for disabled handrails, bollards and the like.

Advanced Functions:  All angles and lengths can be adjusted via editable hotspots. Wall connection plates can be added to the start and end points.

Repeater Object 4D

This object makes it very easy to create custom screens and the like. Simply create a profile in the profile editor (make available to objects) and the select the profile in the object – set the number across and up and your good to go!!

Wire fencing 4D

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