Update Available for Version 26 !

There are some exiting developments in the works for the 4D Library

  • Along with the new features below, there is a new “Areas tool” in the works. This new tool simplifies the process of creating site area boxes, particularly for multi-dwelling sites. Development is almost complete but I am open to suggestions and beta testers.
  • A new website is being developed with a fresh new look and menu system
  • A new, 24 hour online payment system for library subscription payments.

New exposed track sliding doors with 3 new panel options.

Both the External Multi-Door (Top Row) and the Internal Sliding Door have a new track option. Along with 3 new door panels to suit. Door panels now have settings to remove a side to create even more panel options

The vanity unit now allows for more control over details. The drawer gaps page has been consolidate and we now have the ability to create a gap between the end panels and the top – and a gap between the shelving units and the top.

Create modern looking cabinets with minimal setup


Stepped Footing – Solid Element Operations on Wall

The clever stepped footings object has not got smarter. The object now projects an ‘Invisible’ shape that can then cut the stepping into the wall behind it. See this series of screen shots

Zone Name List – Now Editable

The zone name list can now be edited for your offices standards. Two methods can be used to update the list. 1. Add and subtract rows using the -+ buttons. 2 Import the list of names as a simple CSV file.. Just like this one you can download.. modify to your needs then use the Import List function on the Room Names List.. page of the 4D zone stamp


New Freestanding Bath – suitable for corner installations

4D Library v26 update available


Plus some smaller bug fixes and features

  • Sliding door snaps and louvred side light bug fix
  • Text macro – pen colour issue in version 26
  • Overhead cupboard assembly – pen colour fixes
  • Drawer text – option to NOT show the drawer width
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