Update Available for Version 24 !

4D Roofing tool improvements.

Segmented gutters

  • This feature allows each gutter to have up to 3 segments. Making stepped – variable width eaves easy to adjust.
  • Hotspots are availbe in plan and elevation to move the segment join (Green arrows below) and adjust the soffit with (Blue arrows below)
  • Each segment can have up to 4 downpipes. This allows the user even more downpipes when the need arises.

Downpipes linked to a Storey

  • New feature allows downpipes to link their bottom position to a storey or reference level.
  • This requested feature allows the roof plane to move vertically – keeping the downpipes all at the same vertical position.

Update Site Areas

  • Easily update and add site area fills to the Site Plan Setout Tool.
  • Select your site area (‘Area’ can be modelled with a slab, fill or mesh) select the Siteplan
  • Setout Tool and press the ‘Site Tool update’ button.
  • Easy and very quick



Model View Option control of the Site tool Setout object

  • Easily change the site tool mode.
  • This allows the user to change from ‘Sketch’ mode to ‘Working Drawings’ mode to ‘Slab Setout’ mode automatically from view to view.
  • Hotspots also added to corner boundaries and other small improvements to the Site Setout Tool

Vanity, Mirror and Bath Improvements.


  • New Mirror options. Now any corner can be curved with individually adjustable radii
  • Mirror options now include a new ‘Side’ option for clips.
  • Mirrors have been updated in all objects that have a mirror attached. Including the free standing mirror object itself
  • Finally the ability to adjust the tap locations via hotspot in the very popular vanity and bath objects.
  • The new feature also bring independent rotation of taps. So multiple bowl vanities can have individual placement of taps as well as individual rotation. As per the diagram above. And bath taps can have rotated mixers etc.
  • Note that ‘Enable Editable Tap Hotspots’ must be active
  • Note the dashed line on the curved corner mirror. The line will always interect perfectly with the curve. This was HARD 🙂

Landscaping Wall 4D

  • New method of stretching with the landscaping wall
  • Preferred – with a maximum spacing – but always evenly spaced (Bottom wall below)
  • Extact – with all panels the same size – bar the last panel. Great for modelling standard size panelling. (Top wall below)

Other miscellaneous bug fixes and smaller new features.

  • Airmovement Calculation Improvement
  • Gutters to spandrel ends now remove flashing
  • Overhead cabinets – transparent fill fix
  • Multi-shower – different materials can now be associated to each tiled section

Release 24 r3

Improved 4D Tools addon..

You will now see the ‘good morning’ dialog very infrequently!!

New label maker v2. (Preparing for a new v25 only label – coming toward the end of the year)

Allowing for multiple text styles, frames around blocks of text in each label, superscript text for creating m2 style texts.., improved favourite handling and much more. The label below is attached to a window and is displaying some of the new features.

Zone Dimensions Calculation


New menu function to calculate and display zone overall dimensions with a simple button click. No Python or other work arounds required.

Works with all 4D Library zones. These sizes are turned on and off using model view options

Air movement.

New update allows wet areas to have ventilation calculated and checked. Just number your wet area zone and select the right zone category. The screen shot below shows the wet area and mechanically ventilated zones checking ventilation only.


See the 4D Example Project on the downloads page for setup.


Release 24 r2

Please re-download your 4D Library v24

Note: You must also re-install the 4D Library tools.

New features include

  • New fast updating of all tools, using new Menu functions. All these functions are now automated.
    • Air Movement
    • Setback Calculator
    • Site Setout Tools
    • Open Space / Outdoor living
    • Electrical Legend
  • New - Consolidated help files
  • Be sure to read the new help files for more information
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