Huge Update Available for Version 24, 25 and 26 !

All new features

  1. New "Grab Rail 4D" tool. Create almost any standard or non standard grab rail quickly
  2. Upgrades to the shower object, allowing for grab rail / shower rail combinations
  3. UI picture upgrade for easier selection of bowls and taps
  4. Recessed vanity bowls and pre-made custom component 'Care' style vanity bowls
  5. Shelving Part upgrade with new angled shelf and railing options
  6. Adjustable Z and C purlins locations in Roofing 4D
  7. Ability to change background colour on text box objects
  8. New 'fully adjustable' free standing bath option
  9. Soakwells can now display size on plan
  10. Sea level added to Storey Level Object and Elevation part
  11. Three track option for sliding door
  12. Plus many many smaller improvements..

Grab Rails 4D

New part, purpose built to create standard grab rails, or create your own shaped grab rails. Full user interface, hotspot editing in 3D and 2D.. Super easy to use and preset with many standard configurations you will need

Shower Upgrade

Some great new features

  1. New Inverted T rail option - with width and centre offset parameter: for NDIS compliance
  2. Side mounted or front mounted rose option
  3. More flexible hose mounting positions
  4. Mounting plates feature

New Vanity Bowls

A few new parametric vanity bowls and some new "custom component" vanity bowls included with this release

Angle Shelving

Handy new feature with the Shelf and Rail part. You can now angle the shelves and apply rails to the top of the shelf - perfect for display shelves and the like.

The 4D Roofing now contains Z and C purlins along with adjustable batten positioning

New batten options with adjust batten positions at the top and bottom.


Text Box Enhancements

New ability to set a background fill for the notes objects. Useful for many objects

Course and Elevation Markers have Sea Level Reference added



Freestanding Bath : Fully Adjustable Option :

With the many requests for various freestanding bath configurations, it seemed like a full adjustable option was required


All external corners - with individually set radius

All internal corners - with individually set radius

All four lip width are adjustable

All four sides have adjustable angles


New soakwell option to number each soak well automatically

Three track option for robe door

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