2.1 – Windows

Layered Window 4D

General Notes: Very flexible window that has all the window types and head options of the multiwindow but can be setup to show a layer of awning sashes then a layer of fixed sashes.

Advanced Functions: Exports to BCA Calculator and to advanced 4D window schedule.

Multi Window 4D

The “Multi Window 4D” is the main window part in the 4D Library, and intended to satisfy the window requirements of most ArchiCAD users. This window will snap to standard brick sizes and also arrange its transoms etc as per manufacturers standards. Like all 4D windows and doors, it will calculate its light and vent areas for  the Air movement calculations. Its floor plan text can show brick sizes, metric lengths or a combination of both, as well as having the 4D marker builder for further floor plan options

Sliding Door 4D

General Notes: Sliding door with many different head shape options that will also do stacker sliders and snap to standard manufacturer configurations.


iOpening Window 4D

The iOpening window must be the worlds most flexible window. Allowing almost any shape, with just able and sash configuration and position. There is very little that this amazing object can not do.

1. The first image shows a bifold door with a rotated louvre window above, and side lights with opening sashes. Yes this is done with the one part!

2 This clover leaf window displays the ability to curve any section of frame

3. This next image shows another bifold door with an array of different windows above, a sidelight of 3 awning windows, a structural column (yes part of the iOpening window!) And cornering on both sides. All with a curved head to match the roof shape

4. The innovative interface makes this all possible. Note the preview of the iOpening. The user then just clicks on the buttons that represent a sash then modify the sash from the pull out list of types.

5. Here is a seemingly easy to create window, but hard using standard ArchiCAD windows. Done very easily with the iOpening.

Niche and Shapes 4D

This window creates odd shapes, such as eyebrow, gothic, diamond and star. But not just as a framed window, all the shapes can be set to be a niche, frame, duct or opening

The text in the floor plan image has been created using the 4D custom marker function, built into all the external windows and doors. Meaning you can customise the floor plan text to show in anyway you want..


Niche shapes


Glass and Profiled Blocks 4D

The ages old ‘Glass Blocks Window’ has been renamed with a new improved interface and the ability to use profiles as the blocks. The image block shows a single ‘Glass Blocks’ window creating an offset pattern of a profile.

Construction Joint 4D

Handy window part that inserts to create a construction joint. Creates dashed lines in elevation to represent the joint, along with a small 'Niche' style recess in plan. Complete with optional text box in plan.

Option to allow for a window - with height hotspots appearing for easy setup.

Window Treatment 4D

All windows now have a new ‘Window Treatments’ options. Allowing for many different internal blinds to be applied automatically. Includes Venetian, Roman, Holland, Double Holland and vertical blinds. All full parametric. This is a real boon for realistic 3d visualisations

Curved Window 4D

Basic curved window. For the very rare occasion that you need a window that has curved glazing  ( not segmented - straight glass panels).

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