14.1 – Fixtures Electrical System

The 4D electrical objects all work together to create an electrical plan that serves multiple purposes. Not only do they create an easily updatable electrical legend, but the system will also help calculate the total wattage used, the number and area of insulation penetrations and more

  • Dozens of different symbols are available for all manner of electrical works. But if you need a custom symbol, custom symbols can be easily added and they will show in the electrical plan and legend
  • GPO plates are visible on elevations, this means the electrical plan will then align with the interior elevations, just how BIM is supposed to work.
  • The electrical legend will configure row heights to ensure the symbols fit neatly. So ceiling fans will create a wider row than the LED lights.
  • Electrical legend updating is done via the 4D Library menu and takes just a matter of seconds.
  • NCC Checking : By adding a ‘4D Wattage and Penetrations’ fill, the legend will then calculate each fixtures wattage if it is tagged as ‘Class 1’. Enabling checks on wattage and also the penetrations in the insulation (See the downloadable legend below)
    • Resources are available to help with project setup. Extensive help files and the 4D Example Project.

Electrical Syle 1

Aircon and Fans 4D

16 selectable ducts, fans and aircon outlets.

Alarm and Vac 4D

13 Alarm and Vac Symbols

Ceiling Fixtures 4D

The original parametric light and fan points are still used by most of our users. All parts are designed to work with the fantastic 4D Library electrical legend part but can work with the ArchiCAD Interactive Schedules. All sorts or text options. The wattage and penetration setup can be completely customised so that only the one favourites is needed for your office.

Gas Bottle and Hood 4D

Parametric gas bottles as required where there is no mains gas

Gas Meter 4D

Gas meter, handy for when representation is required by the local council



General Purpose Outlet that can be configured to show the face plate height off floor level, a 3d wall plate can be displayed along with a ‘dashed’ plate that can project to the front of a cabinet.

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