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Robe and Linen Shelves 4D

Here we have a shelf with hanging rail and supporting rail options. This object is a mainstay for most clients – used multiple times in all projects. Not just for robe and linen shelving, but pantries, theatres, sculleries and and sort of general shelving needs.

  • Multiple shelves – with fully adjustable heights and widths. All hotspot editable
  • Hanging rod option – Curved rectangular or circular.
  • Hanging rail end fixings
  • Supporting front rail with rebated or inset options
  • 3D Dash option, to display shelves hidden behind walls or doors
  • Many floor plan options – with full control of pens and fills.

Curved Shelf 4D

Curved Shelf end with many different configuration options

Has a kick option, so can be used with overhead and base cabinets

Robe Fittings 4D

Freestanding robe fitout object. With up to 4 levels of fitout – drawers, doors, shelves and hanging rails make it easy to create a simple robe fitout

All the usual 4D Object settings for text, door gaps, attributes etc.

For large robe fitouts, see the “Robe Assembley 4D” on the 12.3 – Compound Cabinets” Page

Shelving Grid 4D

Surprisingly versatile shelving unit with fully adjustable shelf positions
Top Trim and Base options like standard cabinet
Shelf and surrounds can be different thickness and have a different surface
Either end can be mitred to another cabinet

Vertical Duct Cover 4D

Handy duct cover with all panels removable
Extensive text options
Different text display for home storey – above and below

Waterfall End 4D

Create waterfall ends on your stone tops with ease. Special top groove option – required by some manufacturers.

Wine Rack 4D

Parametric wine rack with square or diagonal grid options. Minimum bottle size parameter, adjustable carcass width, side panels and top and bottom can be removed if needed.

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