12.1 – Cabinets

The 4D Library contains cabinetry that has been created and refined in the real world, for two decades. There are options galore to get the cabinet work looking just how you like it. All while being as easy to use as possible.

Cupboards 4D

Major library part with thousands of possible configurations

Can do piano hinges, many fixed end panel options with adjustable endpanel thickness  – end panel to the floor and carcass end panel only. Multiple shelves, adjustable shelf lengths in elevations. All door swings easily changed, maximum door size parameter automatically calculates the number of doors required. Cupboard has editable hotspots in plan to allow for cornering with other cupboards. Many handle choices as well as “custom” handles using ArchiCAD custom components. Many door front options as well as “custom” door fronts using ArchiCAD custom components.

Drawers 4D

Fully parametric drawer unit. Full control over over end panels, draw gaps, text, drawer sizes and drawer setout.

Drawers can be sized individually, evenly or with the top drawer dimensioned. Finger grip gaps can be adjusted individually as per below

Vanity Cupboard 4D

Power vanity unit that has the ability to do most standard and even unusual vanity unit setups.

  • Create your complete vanity as one object
  • Multiple bowls and Multiple Mirrors
  • Many mirror options including framed, bevelled and clipped
  • Over 12 Bowl types – all parametric
    • Create custom bowls – using slabs or morphs
  • 9 Different tap styles – all parametric to get as close to your needs as possible
  • Wall mounted taps can have backing plates
  • Tiled hob options – with the ability to extend to a wall or bath etc.
  • Tiling between the mirror and the top
  • Tiling to the returns of the tops – if against a wall
  • Fully adjustable doors and draw banks. Drawer banks can be shelves or just open spaces
    • Drawer banks are fully parametric drawers – with finger grip gaps if required
  • Cupboard can be removed to just show a P-Trap
  • Vanity top can be cornered or extended
  • ‘Banjo’ Vanity tops can be configured

Laundry Cupboard 4D

Major Library part with thousands of different combinations.

 Shows washing machine taps and trough taps, trough shows dashed line in elevations, washing machine taps shown as an “X” in elevation, 3d tiles to any point around the top. Hotspot editable shelf postions, tap positions etc

Full interface, end panels to extended tops, general improvements in trough tap options – X rep of taps.

The cabinet below is on object. Trough, dashed washing machine and dryer, X- marks for taps, mixer tap, drawers and doors and even the tiling. All part of the same object. Note also that the top can extend either end.

Overhead Cabinet 4D

Another fully featured library part that is flexible and powerful AND easy to use.

  • 6 Different door panel options standard side swinging, top hinged, top hinge – bifold, top hinge multiple, bottom hinged and empty. Plus the ability to fix the top or bottom panel
  • 10 Different parametric door panel types including ‘Custom’ door panels – which are modelled in ArchiCAD as saved as a ‘Custom Component’
  • Easily set the height from floor, to base cabinets to overheads.
  • Dashed lines for shelving and door grabs
  • Flexible top trim options
  • Flexible end panel options
  • Can be mitred into a corner cabinet
  • Doors can be removed to show shelves only

Appliance Cupboard 4D

Parametric bench mounted appliance cupboard. 3 different door types – adjustable trim widths – 4D rich text as per all 4D library parts.

Appliance cupboard user interface

Appliance cupboard user interface

Laminated Panel 4D

Surprisingly powerful library part that allows for all manner of laminated panels for kitchens. Door panes, flat panels, grids of panels or just 3d lines are all options. All with an easy to use interface

Laminated Upstand 4D

All in one cabinet designed to create laminated boxes with an integrated top. Any of the 4 sides can be hidden in plan and 3D. Complete with kick if required...


Microwave Recess 4D

General Notes: Microwave recess cabinet with drawer or cupboard underneath.

Advanced Functions: All the usual functions of 4D cabinets

Multi Drawers 4D

Multiple – side by side sets of drawers are becoming more common. With this new tool, they become much easier to configure. They can be set to have individually editable widths or have all drawer widths divided equally.

Pantry 4D

Fully parametric pantry with many possible configurations

Individually adjustable shelf heights. Full graphical interface.

Pantry Corner 4D

General Notes: Fully parametric corner pantry with shelves and door.

Advanced Functions: With scale sensitive and MVO sensitive Text shown on plan.

Rangehood Cupboard 4D

General Notes: Parametric pullout style rangehood with cupboard surround

Advanced Functions: Option to show flume behind doors. Slide out rangehood or fixed style (Slide out shown).

Vanity Corner 4D

Similar to the Vanity object. Allows for oddly shaped corner vanity units. Parameters only for the interface…



Cupboard Framed 4D

Creates an ‘old’ style cabinet with carcass surrounding the doors and drawers. Basic parameter interface only.

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