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Boundary Setup 4D

There has never been an easier way to set-out your site. With its inbuilt helpful pointers at each step, this tool makes site set-outs so easy, a salesman could do it.!! 🙂

Cone of Vision

The cone of vision is a symbol that allows a windows cone of vision to be displayed on floor plan. There are hotspots to stretch out the cone of vision and to move the text around. As the cone of vision increases the text showing the length of the cone of vision also updates. This is a very useful part and quite popular!

Cut Off Drain 4D

This is a simple part to stretch infront of a driveway that allows you to put the cut off drain between the driveway and garage.


Open Space Fill Object 4D

This object allows the user to create open space calculations, going by the relevant R codes and will link back into the site tool object. It will also tell you if you have enough open space.

Setback Averaging

To calculate setback averaging. (Using a 6m and 12m Averaging)

  1. Drawing in your 6m and 12m setback lines from the front boundary
  2. Create the front setback area, using the ‘4D IN-FRONT SETBACK’ fill
  3. Create the behind setback area, using the ‘4D BEHIND SETBACK’ fill
  4. Press the “Site Tools Update Button” in the 4D Library menu

Site Label

Is a very basic object that can be used to show the finished floor level and sand pad level in site plan. The idea is that it will stop calculation errors when calculating the sand pad level, as you just need to put in the FFL and then it works out the slap thickness, and therefore the sand pad level/thickness.

Site Plan Setout 4D

This new tool automatically creates site setout plans – FULLY DIMENSIONED with set-up points for slab constuction. If your office creates slab setouts as part of its standard documents, this tool is invaluable. It will also create a site coverage calculation box, create a 3d boundary to assist with building envelope issues , dimension setbacks and allow the user to remove dimension strings if not required.

Stepped Footing 4d

Object to aid with the creation of stepped footings in plan, elevation and 3d if required. Simply place the maker at one end. Then from one end of the elevation create more steps by moving the hotspots, creating additional steps to the footing, and automatically creating the stepped footing marker in the floor plan at the step point as well.

The stepped footing part has the ability to cut the wall behind using solid element operations. This creates another smart way to use the part.

Tree Shapes

Create a basic shape for 3D sketch diagrams for landscaping, without finding the high polygons that you would find in a full tree.

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