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External Multi Door 4D

The external multi door can do double, single and, importantly, bifold doors. It can do a custom arrangement of door swings but can also do a combination of sliding on one side and bifold on the other, or just swinging, with as many doors as you like either way! This tool also allows you to do sidelights and highlights. You also have the opportunity to create different door panels for the left and right side (e.g. glazed on one side and solid on the other). Each door panel type is fully adjustable – where you can change the style widths, and rail widths. Top shape to the head can be created – angling or arching, with a raised arch, like the Multi Window tool. Frame widths can be individually set if needed.

Hinges are customisable –hinge size and position, and in terms of type of hinge used (pivot hinge/door) with up to six hinges in customisable positions depending on the needs of the specific situation!

It also has comprehensive text display where the text can be showed in a multitude of ways. Showing door sizes, width of the opening, coursing height or the overall millimetres or centimetres. The first door that opens, the handing (left or right), the number of hinges (if hinges change) can all be noted and changed accordingly. 3D text can be used for course heights and sidelights. Text can also show architraves and lentils.

This part can also be fully cornered with another door or window, which is the only door in the 4D library to be fully cornered, other than the sliding door!

Door Opening 4D

General Notes: Door opening with many head options – square, gothic, segmented, arc, triangular and hexagonal.

Advanced Functions: Cavity closures, course heights can be displayed on plan, Automatic DFO  (door height opening) and FHO  (Full Height Opening) functions.


The door opening part allows you to place an empty opening into a wall. You are able to give it a segmented, full, gothic, or adjustable gothic arch, and a triangular or hexagonal shaped head. This part also allows you to put architraves around the empty opening and can show a 3D dash to lentil over the head. It has all sorts of text options, so the width of the empty opening can be displayed in floor plan and changed as the width of the opening is changed.

Garage Door 4D

The garage door will do sectional, roller or tilted doors, with the option of creating panelled doors, boards and lights, and you can actually create a custom garage door!

This part has an option where you can create unequal panels, so you can create offset panel alignments (e.g. one thin one down one side and the rest even).

Internal Sliding Door 4D

Can be double, single, cavity or standard sliding door. With a full range of customisable panel set ups! It has a range of pre-set corinthian slim line door set-ups and the usual comprehensive text settings for floor plan display.

This is the standard internal door, which snaps by default to standard industry sizes (820, 720, 620 etc.). The door by default displays just the panel size, but can be set to show the overall size of the opening. It can create a midframe for a swinging robe door, plus it has the ability to create different panels – left and right, and all the panels are adjustable.

This part also can create architraves around the opening, and once again the comprehensive text setting for floor plan, including handing and first note, like with the multi door.

Internal Swing Door 4D

General Notes: Full parametric Swing door, snaps to standard sizes. This is the most commonly used door in most projects. Easy and quick to use. Has the ability to show lift of hinges and 180 swing hinges with linked floor plan note, multiple hinges with adjustable spacing, can show a mid frame for swing robe doors

Robe Door 4D

The robe door creates a sliding robe, where standard industry sizes are used or it can be set to use, for example three doors, and keep it at three doors no matter the width. This part can also create architraves and has the comprehensive text settings like the other door parts.

It can also be set to automatically change the number of panels depending on the width.

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